Invisible yet reliable performance! Conductive Coating Material that can also “conduct“ your needs - Denatron


What is Denatron?

Denatron is a conductive coating material
developed based
on a polythiophene-based conductive
polymer named PEDOT:PSS.
Nano Carbon based Denatron, called "Type-C", has been joined line-up!

  1. Outstanding Transparency

    For its low absorption characteristics in
    the visible light region, Denatron can be
    formed into a thin and transparent
    conductive film.

  2. Suitable for Various Applications

    Denatron can be customized in detail,
    including its conductivity and film

  3. Excellent Processability

    Denatron can be applied to various
    methods such as gravure coating and
    screen printing.

  4. Ecology

    Denatron is a water- or
    water/alcohol-based coating material,
    which is friendly to people as well as the

What is Denatron used for?!

Transparent electrode grade

Touch sensors whose design is less restricted. Easily realize the shape you desire.

The base of Denatron is a conductive polymer.

Thanks to its excellent processability, Denatron can be used even on curved surfaces, which can easily cause cracks if inorganic substances such as ITO are used.

In addition, with its flexibility to stretch, Denatron can be shaped after film formation, to create 3D switches.

Touch sensor Touch switch structure


Antistatic grade

To prevent failure and malfunction by only applying a thin coating of Denatron

Denatron can be applied to optical films and carrier tape to impart antistatic characteristics.

It protects displays and electronic components from dust and malfunctions caused by static electricity.

It can be applied to variety of general-purpose wet coating devices, including gravure coaters and die coaters.

Denatron can also be used after being highly diluted with alcohol, which makes it dry quickly and easily so that you can maintain your high productivity.

Smartphone and tablet LCD structure


Information about DENATORON and a column on experiments using DENATORON.

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