Transparent Electrode Grade / Grade for various types of electrodes that need to be highly conductive

We offer solutions for the following problems.

  • I want to attach a touch sensor, but the area is too small to meet the cost requirements...
  • I cannot bend a touch sensor to attach to a spherical surface...
  • I want to attach a touch sensor to a flexible and stretchable device...
  • I'm not happy with the sensor’s visible wiring pattern...
  • I want to attach biosensors that are hypoallergenic and safe for the human body...

Key features of transparent electrode grade


It might be inconspicuous,
but it properly conducts electricity.

As the conductive polymer named PEDOT:PSS has low absorption characteristics in the visible light region and is usable in the form of a thin film, it provides a highly transparent conductive film.

The coating's surface resistivity can be 102 to 103Ω/sq, leading to high conductivity.

Simple and Low Temperature Process

Entering the age of printable electronics

Conductive coatings can be formed using general-purpose printing devices and coating devices without the need to introduce a special sputtering device. Screen printing, which is drawing attention in the field of printable electronics, allows low-cost, easy patterning.

Coating is carried out using general-purpose coating equipment such as gravure coaters, die coaters, and slit coaters. As the coating is processed at low temperatures between 80°C and 130°C, resins with low heat resistance can be used in this process.

Processability and Flexibility

Remove restriction in designing sensors

The base of Denatron is a conductive polymer.

Thanks to its excellent processability, Denatron can be used even on curved surfaces, which can easily cause cracks if inorganic substances such as ITO are used.

In addition, with its flexibility to stretch, Denatron can be shaped after film formation, to create 3D switches. When applied on fibers, it can also be used in the form of conductive fibers by leveraging the conductive polymer’s flexibility. Through our formulation techniques, wash resistance and other properties can be added.


A bridge gently connecting your body with terminal devices

PEDOT:PSS is a safe substance with its hydrophilicity and biocompatibility. As it causes no metal allergies, it is suitable for use in biosensors that have contact directly with the human body.

Preventing Patterning from Being Visible

Even the slightest irregularity must not remain,
to create beautiful displays.

Patterning is essential for touch panel sensors. Although the electrodes are transparent, they become visible due to the difference in refractive indices between the electrodes and substrate or subtle coloring. Conventional etching systems shave off films. However, Denatron Etch deactivates only conductivity, which allows the prevention of the visibility of patterning in order to beautifully finish displays.

What is Denatron used for?


  • Transparent electrodes for LED touch switches used in automobiles, consumer electronics etc.
  • Biosensors such as wearable devices used to measure heart rates
  • Transparent electrodes for touch panels and touch switches
  • Transparent electrodes for LED touch switches used in automobiles, consumer electronics etc.
  • Biosensors such as wearable devices used to measure heart rates
  • Auxiliary electrodes for organic EL devices

Product Lineup

We provide the following product lineup to promptly meet your various needs.
Based on these products, we offer the addition of functions and customization of product performance.

Use Product name Conductive material Characteristics Coating method Example Catalog
For printing processes SP-801 PEDOT:PSS High transparency /
low resistance
Screen printing For your first try PDF
For coating processes PT-436 PEDOT:PSS Standard products
(2 liquids)
Gravure coaters,
die coaters etc.
For shaping process after coating flexible parts PDF

Don't hesitate contact us!! We ready for various grades like stretchable, for textile and pH neutral.

We are also developing products for applications other than those on the list.
Please feel free to contact us.


Physical Characteristics of Standard Products

The following is a list of the physical properties of our standard products. We will optimize each physical property to suit your applications.

For printing processes SP-801
Coating liquid
Main solvent Water- or water/alcohol-based
Viscosity (mPa·s/25°C) 200~500※E type viscometer at 100rpm
pH 2~3
Coating film
Film thickness (nm) 200
Surface resistivity (Ω/sq) 280
Total light transmission (%) 95
Suitable substrates Plastic films such as PET, PC, Acrylic, TAC and other films or Glass
For coating processes PT-436(2 liquids)
Coating liquid
Main solvent Water- or water/alcohol-based
Viscosity (mPa·s/25°C) < 20
pH 2~3
Coating film
Film thickness (nm) 250
Surface resistivity (Ω/sq) 150
Total light transmission (%) 95
Suitable substrates Plastic films such as PET, PC, Acrylic, TAC and other films or Glass

Coating Process

Screen Printing

Pad Printing

Denatron Etch Process (Conductivity Deactivation Etching)

  1. Coating and Drying

    Apply PT-434 onto a PET film or a glass substrate using general-purpose coating equipment.
    Dry at a temperature between 80°C and 150°C for 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
    Note: Dilute with water or alcohol, when necessary.
    (Surface resistivity and light transmittance are adjustable by means of adjusting the film thickness.)

  2. Forming Protective Layers

    Using SET-S resist patterns with screen printing allows the easy formation of protective layers.
    Note: For higher-resolution patterns, consider photoresist and gravure offset printing.

  3. Conductivity Deactivation

    If you dilute the conductivity-deactivating agent named Etch to 1 to 2% by weight with water and dip the coating in the solution, the conductivity of unprotected parts will be deactivated.

  4. Removing Protective Layer

    SET-S is removable by cleaning in alcohol.
    (Surface resistance value)
    Conductive section: 50 - 500Ω/sq
    Non-conductive section: 1011Ω/sq or higher

Values shown on this page are not guaranteed values but measured ones.
Also, please note that the specifications of the products are subject to change without notice.