Our focus on product development / Things we keep in mind to develop our unique products

Creating coating materials specialized for X.

It goes without saying, but the performance required of materials varies depending on the application. For example, should the performance required of Denatron, as a conductive polymer coating material, be focused on conductivity, transparency, cost, or all of these? It significantly varies depending on the customer and the customer’s customers. Even if the required performance specifications are fulfilled, they have no meaning unless it works well in the customer’s environment.

Nagase ChemteX customizes and develops conductive coating materials specialized for X by not only adding functions but also using formulation techniques based on a vision of the operating environment of the final product.
X could be a “5 μm gravure coating used in masking film for polarizers in liquid crystal TVs” or “L/S 300 μm screen printing for transparent electrodes for touch switches for automobiles,” which are meticulously designed applications and processes.

We create each X through discussion with customers. The details of the applications do not need to be disclosed. But, we can provide a sample accurately and promptly if you could do so.

Not only conductive coating materials

Nagase ChemteX not only develops conductive coating materials, but also actively develops coating materials related to conductive materials and functional coating materials. Therefore, we can suggest a total solution as well. Adding a UV protective overcoating agent to Denatron substantially improves weather resistance.

Wide views and deep thoughts

Although we mainly develop formulation techniques with PEDOT:PSS, we also develop mixed raw materials and additives themselves, pursuing not only mere formulations but also more opportunities. To this end, we value our connections with research institutes including universities, raw material manufacturers, and analysis equipment manufacturers.

Even if we face difficult issues such as trade-offs, we will go back to the mechanism of the product and repeatedly reconsider in order to discover the essence of the product to find an answer.

We‘ll do our best to solve any challenging requests, so please feel free to ask us about anything, including problems in adding conductivity and so on.

At Nagase ChemteX Corporation, we deliver our products to customers all over the world by selling products via our parent company Nagase & Co. Ltd.

Nagase & Co., Ltd., a specialized trading company for chemical products, has over 100 group companies inside and outside Japan and has built a global network. Contact us for overseas deals too.